Alcohol Wet Wipes Canister, Model 50032-01, 2 Packs, 80 Wipes per Pack (160 Wipes Total)

Price / Each: $10.88
Stock Level: 100
Units / box: 2
75% alcohol content meets CDC recommendations of 60% or higher to sanitize hands
Kills 99.99% of viruses, germs, and bacteria
High-quality non-woven wipes are super soft and wear-resistant
Effectively cleans high-touch surfaces, removes dust, moisture and unwanted small particles
Disposable and multi-purpose wipes for everyday use for home, office, travel and on-the-go
Resealable lid to keep wipes saturated and ready for use
80 wipes per canister
2 canisters per box
Description The Alcohol Wet Wipes Canister includes an advanced 75% alcohol formula and contains 80 high quality non-woven sheets inside each package. To use these sanitizing wipes, just open lid and gently pull sheet out and use as needed.

Alcohol Wet Wipes Canister, Model 50032-01
Feature Specification
Material High-quality non-woven sheets
Alcohol Sanitation Content 75%
Wipe Count 80 pieces
Wipe Size 7in x 6.3in (17.78cm x 16cm)
Canister Size 3.66in x 8.18in (93mm x 208mm)
Packaging Quantity 12 units
Weight 1.7lbs (26 oz)