Vaccines for Children Program

VFC Approved

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  • Ideal for both refrigerators and freezers
  • Meets CDC, WHO and VFC program requirements
  • ISO 17025 Certified - Reliable
  • No software required - preconfigured
  • Easy - bold buttons and large screen
  • Automatically generates PDF report and CSV file

Good Vaccine Handling Procedures

  • WHO Prequalified E006 Temperature Monitoring Device
  • No software required - preconfigured
  • 2 Year ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate
  • 32,000 recordings in Memory
  • +/- 0.5 C Temperature Accuracy
  • LARGE Screen

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

The FlashLink® Certified Vaccine USB PDF Data Logger provides an accurate reading, programmable alarms and sampling intervals, and a USB connection to quickly and easily download temperature data. The FlashLink Certified Vaccine USB PDF Data Logger can be programmed to start automatically or with the option for a delayed start allowing the glycol bottle sufficient time to stabilize to the refrigerator or freezer temperature.

ISO 17025 Certification

Includes ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate from A2LA accredited lab, valid for 2 years. Reference standards traceable to International System of Units (SI) through NIST. We offer additional services for recalibration, battery changes and annual maintenance when needed. Our service is fast and easy to request. We offer programs that provide replacement units to help you schedule service without downtime or loss of service.

ISO 17025 Certification

Flexibility provides Cost Savings

FlashPDF Program Manager software can be used to reconfigure the logger making it possible to repurpose the device for either a refrigerated or frozen storage case. This optional software is a user-friendly program presenting customers with a view of the recorded data in numeric or graph formats, with customizable fields, statistical data and alarm functions.

FlashPDF Program Manager software

Easy to Use

The logger comes pre-configure and can easily be attached to the outside of the storage door, while the sensor bottle is placed inside, allowing users to read current and minimum/maximum temperatures without opening the unit. A red LED alarm and low battery indicator are also visible on the display. Automatically generates encrypted PDF, CSV and Daily Log reports.