3 Ply Earloop Disposable Protective Mask, Model 57024 (50 Pcs) (elastic strap past expire date)

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Price / Each: $0.08
Stock Level: 100
Units / box: 50
3-layered architecture
Comfortable for extended use
High breathability and hypoallergenic
Bendable nose strip (elastic strap past expire date)
Latex free elastic earloops
3 layers of non-woven polypropylene & melt blown filter cotton
Flexible, lightweight, non-combustible, non-irritating and easy to decompose
Anti-fog, anti-odor, anti-dust, anti-spray
50 units per package
Description The 3 ply face masks serve as a protection from airborne pollutants or allergens. Each mask is made with non-woven polypropylene fabric designed for comfort and breath-ability. The ear loops wrap around comfortably around the outer ear with minimal pressure (elastic strap past expire date). They are fluid resistant and can provide protection against large droplets or sprays of bodily fluids.

Feature Specification
Standard Q/421202 HGL 001-2020 GB/T 32610-2016
Particulate Filtering Efficiency > 90%
Packaging 50 units per box 50 boxes per carton (2500 units per carton)
Carton Size 20.8in L x 16.9in W x 16.9in H (530mm L x 430mm W x 430mm H)
Carton Volume 0.098 CBM per carton
Gross Weight 0.39lb per box, 23.8lbs per carton (0.18kg per box, 10.8kg per carton)
Country of Origin China
Cloth 3 layer folding mask 65% PP non-woven fabric 35% PP melt blown filter cotton
Outer Layer Blue color, 6.9in (175mm) wide, 0.9oz (25gr), single sided non-woven fabric with water/saliva blocking coating
Middle Layer 6.9in (175mm) wide, 0.9oz (25gr), single sided 90 PP melt blown filter cotton
Inner Layer White color, 6.9in (175mm) wide, 0.9oz (25gr), single sided, non-woven fabric gentle to facial skin
Size 6.8 in W x 3.7in H (175mm W x 95mm H)
Ear Loop Material 70% Nylon + 30% Polyester
Ear Loop Size 7in length, 0.11in diameter ±0.01in (180mm length, 3mm diameter ±0.3mm)