How do you reset the 40527 data logger?

Hold both the start and stop button together until you see a Moon icon which indicates waiting mode.

Why will my 40527 data logger not reset?

The logger cannot be reset when the unit is actively recording. You must first stop the unit to then reset it. It is recommended to download your data before restarting the unit.

How do you change the alarm limits on the 40527 data logger?

Using FlashPDF Program Manager you can change the alarm limits by going through the “Setup” wizard. Please refer to FlashPDF Program Manager Help files for more information. The Help system can be accessed by a single right click on the FlashPDF lightning bolt icon in the system tray and selecting “About” from the pull down menu. Refer to the FlashPDF Program Manager FAQ for more help

I accidentally restarted my logger without saving the PDF report, how do I recover the report?

  1. If you downloaded the logger using FlashPDF software the PDF report will have been saved automatically by the FlashPDF software. The file is typically found in ‘My Documents\FlashPDF\PDF\” although you can change this path in the FlashPDF settings.
  2. If you did not download using FlashPDF software then the previous report will no longer be accessible. It is important to save the PDF file before restarting for another use.

I lost my calibration certificate, can I get a copy?

Yes; we can send an electronic version in PDF format if you provide us your email. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

Is there a user manual for the 40527?

Yes, please contact tech support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can email you a copy of the quick start guide.

My logger is showing error code X, what does this error mean?

  1. Error 1 – Logger memory is corrupted, please contact tech support for assistance
  2. Error 2 – Logger configuration is corrupted, please contact tech support for assistance
  3. LLLL – The glycol bottle is disconnected or the temperature is below -50C (-58F), after the Bottle is reconnected the unit may take until the logging interval to update the LCD (for most loggers this is 5 minutes)
  4. HHHH – The temperature is above 40C (104F) or the sensor has a short

My logger arrived with fluid around the bottle and packaging, is it leaking?

  1. If the logger is found wet in the original packaging please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1-800-962-6776 ext 5120 and we will assist you in getting the logger returned and replaced. The glycol liquid found in the bottle is food-safe and not hazardous; however the bottle should not leak and maintain an appropriate amount of glycol to perform correctly.
  2. The glycol bottle is supposed to be around 90% filled and it is normal to have an air bubble at the top of the unit.

My logger LCD is not changing temperature or is reading LLLL?

If the logger is displaying LLLL the Glycol Sensor may be disconnected. Please reconnect the sensor and wait 5 minutes to verify the LCD updates. Most loggers are set to only update the LCD on each logging interval; this is to save battery life for the logger. The most common logging interval is 5 minutes. Please wait for the logging period and check the display again for a reading change (if the sensor environment does not change then it is likely the sensor will continue to record the same temperature). You can change the logging interval or the LCD refresh rate by using FlashPDF Program Manager Software; however this will affect battery life.