Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Model 50053 with Dispenser Stand, Model 50054

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Automatic dispenser is cartridge free and offers various refilling options
Lower maintenance cost with economical refillable hand sanitizer or soap
Contactless operation effective in preventing cross-infection
Consistent, automatic and proportionate dispensing to guarantee sanitation
Can be mounted on stands or placed on walls to save on space
Battery operated (4 x AA Alkaline batteries); can also be used with USB and DC power adapters
Convenient and promotes proper hygiene
Portable stand with wide metal base for added stability
Drip tray on stand keeps floor clean by catching excess liquid
Recommended for lobbies, cafeterias and other high traffic areas

The 50053 Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser offers a quick and convenient way to sanitize hands and avoid cross contamination. It has a large capacity of 33oz (1000ml) making it suitable to hold and dispense various disinfectant liquids such as hand sanitizer and soap. It is ideal for both daily and professional use and perfect for schools, businesses, hotels, clinics or other public places. The automatic sensor allows for touchless activation and provides a pre-measured amount of liquid to effectively clean hands. Save space by mounting it onto a wall or a stand. The dispenser is battery operated and rechargeable and can also be used with USB and DC power adapters.

The 50054 Hand Sanitizer Stand is freestanding and portable and includes a wide metal base for stability. The drip tray keeps floor clean by catching any excess liquid. Recommended for lobbies, cafeterias and high traffic areas.

Specifications-50053 Dispenser
Feature Specification
Material ABS
Sensor Type Infrared
Capacity 33oz (1000ml)
Power Outlet USB DC 4V1A (USB charging cable included)
Battery Type AA Alkaline battery x 4
Installation Methods Attach to dispenser stand or mount onto wall using 2 standard screws (not included)
Size 5.1in L x 4.7in W x 10.6in H (13cm L x 12cm W x 27cm H)
Weight 27oz (778g)
Certification CE
Specifications-50054 Stand
Feature Specification
Material Metal steel coating
Color Metallic Black
Base Diameter 15in (39cm)
Base Thickness 2.4in (6cm)
Adjustable Height 4.1ft-5.2ft (1.25m-1.58m)
Dispenser Hanging Board Size 18.9in L x 5.9in W (48cm L x 15cm W)
Dispenser Hanging Board Thickness 0.8in (2cm)
Packaging Size 18in L x 3in W x 18in H (46cm L x 7.5cm W x 46cm H)
Stand Weight 8.2lbs (3.7kgs)
Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Model 50053 Intro